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Micro-Movements and Gesamtkunstwerk

A short compilation of Visiting Artist, Yanina Orellana, visiting the New Genres class at CSU San Bernardino, and participating with the students in activities related to New Genres. This Art Lab was filmed in the Winter of 2020.

Storytelling, Dance, Acting, and Music

This Art Lab consists of Yanina Orellana, Chuck Anthony Gloria, Andy Lobo, Edgar Jorge, Eric Solorzano, Diego Robles and other friends. Collectively they engage in an activity where they walk around in circles and take turns holding a cup while acting out a certain character or animal. Additionally, there are a few chairs set up throughout the space where everyone has a turn at reading and performing various informative booklets while responding to a Philip K. Dick story being played in the background. This Art Lab was filmed on March 27, 2017.

Exploring the Creative Process: From Inspiration to Percolation

A group of former colleagues and friends sit down together to watch a music video made recently from one of them. This Art Lab shows the initial stages of the creative process where they are transitioning from being inspired to their ideas starting to percolate.

A Collaboration between Dada Collaging and Voice Acting Techniques

Three artists participate in whimsical activities involving lip-syncing, pretending to be within a framed movie, and engaging in ambiguous conversations using very few words.

Preschool for Adults, Preschool for Life

Three artists (Yanina Orellana, Chuck Anthony Gloria, & Diego Robles) engage in a group meditation involving unique micro-movements in attempts to become a unified tree. From there, this Art Lab continues to two separate segments of the same three artists engaging in a musical activity. Then four different artists engage in a humorous activity of inserting lines from books into a conversation. This Art Lab was filmed on May 6, 2017.

Exquisite Corpse, Improvising, and Storytelling

Inspired by the Exquisite Corpse techniques invented by Surrealists in visual art, Robles and four other artists engage in a roleplay-like activity where the making of sequences is made by each artist acting as a temporary narrator for the three other artists. This Art Lab was filmed on June 4, 2017.

Art Lab Interview between artists, Yanina Orellana & Diego Robles 

Yanina Orellana and Diego Robles interview each other on what Art Lab is to them and how they define it. Both artists engage in a thoughtful conversation about how Art Lab is an open and safe space full of experimental ideas and disciplines. This Art Lab was filmed on July 1, 2017.

Digging-into Challenging Social Situations through Art: The Beginning of Art Lab

This is the very first Art Lab for a group of former colleagues and friends that have committed to come together and collaborate to make Art Labs. Different artists of peculiar backgrounds engage in a discussion of various ideas and formulate together a scene that navigates difficult circumstances that can arise when being apprehended by police officers. This was filmed on December 17, 2016.

New Genres, Musical Mashup, and Performance Art

This Art Lab session is set in a classroom at CSU San Bernardino with three groups of students presenting idiomatic artistic performances. Once each group finishes delivering their projects, all groups perform together simultaneously. Colorful masks, music, singing, and poetry are all combined within this collaborative creative space.

Art Lab Interview with Artist and Musician, Chuck Anthony Gloria

Artist and Musician, Chuck Anthony Gloria, engages in an in-depth interview regarding Art Lab and reflects on his experiences. He explores how Art Lab connects to him as a musician at large, and how it has served as a tool for future artistic and teaching endeavors. Chuck explains how the Art Lab was a playground that allowed him to forget about life. He also discusses the importance of community and how working with others can benefit the artistic processes of participants.

Mind Warping through Linguistic Collaging

Four artists engage in a lively conversation using on-the-spot, random lines. The randomization of language itself caused each performer to enter a mental vortex that they each had to shake off immediately after finishing these sequences. This Art Lab is a continuation of the May 6, 2017 Art Lab where the same four artists participate in a similar humorous conversation, but without books at hand.

Practicing Processes for Stop Motion Animation and Dance Choreography

Children’s toys and kitchen utensils are assembled together to create a choreography of objects moving back and forth across a table. This Art Lab session was recorded on April 29, 2017. Artists featured are Yanina Orellana, Bertha Alicia Aguilar Garcia, and Diego Robles

Preschool for Children, Preschool for Everyone

A child with painted feet is seen playing around. Signs of playfulness and art making are seen with various outlined drawings of her foot with unique patterns. In this art lab, we witness how child-raising and parenthood interweave with adult art making and child development.

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